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A Technological Approach To The Functionality Of The Court Systems, By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq

TECHNOLOGY is an important element in the justice delivery matrix. It is foolhardy for us to assume that we will continue to do things the old way and expect a different result. It is Important for the High Court Management of different States, to activate the High Court of Justice Info WhatsApp Groups for Lawyers, Registrars and others.

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It is very important to do so to allow Lawyers have prior information of Court activities to cut cost and ensure safety of Lawyers. A scenario where a Lawyer will drive all the way to a long distance in a hurry, with the risk of armed robbery, accidents and Kidnapping , only to realize that the Court is not sitting is not acceptable in this era of infotech. Just a 4 Naira SMS ,would suffice .We thank the management of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Lagos State High Court and the Edo State High Courts for giving the instructions that registrars of courts should inform counsel before hand, when the Court is not sitting. It is however important that the process is funded .To this end , we call on the Authorities to make funds available to registrars of all the courts, as they need the requisite funds to be able to bring to fruition, the laudable process of sending text messages to Lawyers.


The Use of Technology in the Operation of the Bailiff Section of the Courts .

The Bailiff Section of the Courts is one of the most critical elements in Justice dispensation. It is however not being given the attention it deserves .The Section is so important , because with out this Section , Court Processes can not be served and Judgments can not be executed .It is very Cardinal for us to apply technology in the administration of the Bailiff system .To this end , we call on monies to be released to the bailiffs to enable them send text messages and WhatsApp Messages to litigants and Lawyers , as the case may be .This will stop the practice of mobilization as if the bailiffs were contractors and it will make the hearing of cases faster in Court .Just as the sending of SMS or a WhatsApp Messages to counsel and litigants as the case may be , will help in fastening our justice delivery process .

Most Courts should copy the National Industrial Court Template in the Service of Originating Processes .The National Industrial Court serves originating processes contemporaneously as they are being filed .This is the International Best Practices.

The Management of Courts should also release the monies paid for service and kilos to the bailiffs .Truth is we have to be able to do things the right way .Most of the time, we abandon the important issues that serve our system better and we pursue shadows .

About the Author:

Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., a Nigerian Lawyer , Writer and Policy Analyst is the Convener of the Vanguard for the Independence of the Judiciary (V4IJ).

About The Author