A Call For Urgent Attention: Nigeria Police Release My Brother

SOMETIMES in 2016 my brother, Peter Ogbekhilu was arrested and taken to Esigie Police Station in Benin City for a case of missing truck which his boss Mr. Friday Obule gave to him to work with. On this day after work the truck was stolen from where it was parked along 1st East Circular Road close to his house by an unknown person after which he was arrested and taken to Esigie Police Station from where he was transferred to Force Headquarters, Abuja.

After his release he was reporting to Abuja to sign at different occasions. He had suggested settlement but the complainant Mr. Obule had said he wants nothing but his truck neither is he willing to go to court.

This case happened since 2016 and he has been going to Police station since then no court trial. He was re-arrested this year by Zone 5 Police command. Early this year he was informed that the case was transferred from Esigie Police Station to ZIB Unit, Zone 5 with Inspector Steve as the Investigating Police Officer (IPO).

On Monday the 15th of August, 2022, he was invited to Zone 5 Police Command that the case have to be charged to court. On getting to the Police command he was re-arrested and transferred to Force Headquarters Abuja, three different police stations in a case that transpired within Benin City, from Esigie Police Station to Force Headquarters Abuja, back to Esigie Police Station to Zone 5 Police Command and Back to Force Headquarters Abuja.

With all these punishment he would have paid for this trunk if he was guilty because he is been arrested every now and then. Presently he is still in Police custody Abuja under the IGP monitoring unit after one month of arrest. How can a Nigerian still be subjected to such treatment when we tell the world that we practice democracy. Can it be properly said that the police has assumed the position of the prosecutor and the court same time?

I call for help to release my brother and stop this constant arrest. Let the police investigate the case and allow the law take its course.

Ogbehkilu Matthew