40,000 Jobs: Northern Association Champion Creation

FORTY thousand Youths from each state of Northern Nigeria to benefits from Northern Initiative’s job creation with a view to curve unemployment which is believe to be the bane behind insecurity in the region.

Northern Nigeria: History, states, population, importance and insecurity

President of the association Alhaji Bala Alaramma in a press statement signed by the National Publicity secretary of the Association, Sani Muhammad Sani revealed that the efforts is to ensure self reliance by extension reduce over dependence on governments at all level.

Farming, sanitization, protection of forestry, animal farming and skills acquisitions are the forcal points of the Association.

Alaramma disclosed that in the area of sanitation, the association is making efforts to curve open defalcation by initiating arrangements to construct five thousand toilets, five thousand channels of dumping refuse and waste in some states.

In the area of farming, the Northern Initiative will utilize various dams and rivers abundantly available in practically all the northern states of the federation to revive millions of fertile land available in the region which were abandoned by scarcity of water canals for irrigation farming.

The northern initiative according to the the national chairman has established State chapters that are headed by coordinators in all the nineteen northern states and other regions that includes Lagos state.

These chapters are already making indelible positive mark by kick starting skills acquisition programs in some instances providing small Capital to assist the trainees in starting businesses base on what they were train.

Some state government according to him have so far indicate interest in keying into the various focal points of the Northern Initiative.

Alaramma solicits for Support and co-operation of government at all levels and meaningful individuals to ensure successes of the programs.