2023: Wike’s Altruistic Comment On Peter Obi’s Wasteful Presidential Ambition

Politics is not game of emotions, always put your emotions in check.
Supporters of H. E. Peter Obi has been crying and lamenting since Wike visited Anambra State the home state of Peter to meet with the delegates and told them the truth most of Obi’s supporters don’t want to hear.
They hate to hear the truth, they want you to accept their believe and views whether it is in order or not else no peace. Once you have any contrary view to theirs, they will come heavily on you with barrage of insults.
They have been raining all manner of insults on H. E.  Nyesom Wike for saying the truth, calling him all sorts of unprintable names and casting aspersions on his person, but one thing they fail to know is that those abuses and insults energizes Wike to push more for the goals.
I will advise them to ask members of Rivers APC,  so that they can tell them the length they went in insulting and abusing Governor Wike, yet the more they insult and abuse him the more he is energised, the more he pushed for the target.
Love him or loathe him, Governor Wike is like that, he will look you in the face and tell you the truth the way it is. He is not a man of rhetorics, he doesn’t paint words to appease you, no he is not that kind of man and is not carved in that manner.
The truth which is hunting all his opponents and their supporters is what Wike told them and no amount of insults and abused will change it.
The PDP Presidential ticket, should not be handed to those that don’t care about the success of the party but cares about their selfish ambition, those that will abandon the PDP and run abroad after elections only to resurface during another election season.
The Presidential ticket of the party should not be given to those that will defect with the mandate of the party to another party after the party has worked to emerge victorious at the polls.
It also should not be given to those whose selfish ambition caused the party the 2015 elections, those who can not work for the victory of the party because they fail to get the ticket. Yes Governor Wike has said and he had continued to echo it that even if he fails to clinch the party’s ticket that he will stay with the PDP and work it’s victory at the polls irrespective of who emerges.
For PDP to wrestle power from the APC it doesn’t need economic and book theories to do that but requires political force and doggedness and the man Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has that political force.
Don’t let your emotions take better part of you in this game, after the primaries, all the aspirants will close ranks and their structures collapsed into the party’s structure to work for  the victory of the party.