2023: I’ll Foster Good Governance, Says Udom

PEOPLES Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant and Akwa Ibom State Governor Emmanuel Udom has assured the people of Gombe and Bayelsa states of a rejuvenation of the economy and security if voted into office.

He visited the states yesterday to solicit their support for votes during the primary election of his party in Abuja, later this month.

While assuring the aspirant of their friendship and support, Gombe delegates noted the relationship between the aspirant and them.

Gombe delegates reminded Udom that the state is his second home and appreciated the aspirant for the years he identified with the state and their sons and daughters.

Udom told his hosts he has the sincerity and integrity to deliver the solution to the nation’s challenges.

Chairman of Udom Emmanuel Presidential Project Dr. Gabriel Suswan, a senator and former governor of Benue State, said an Emmanuel presidency will benefit the  North and Gombe

In Bayelsa, the top echelon of PDP said the country was in need of redemption. But Suswan, said the aspirant, being from Southsouth, knew the problems of the area and will tackle them.

“The economy is so damaged that what we need is someone with the understanding of the economy to fix things,” said Suswan.

Udom said ‘Bayelsa is for Udom and Udom is for Bayelsa’, explaining, many aspirants ‘’will come to you and campaign and say ‘I will, I will’, but I am doing it at the sub-national level.

“Today, you can see Ibom Air. I am sure Ibom Air flies into Yenagoa. Even if I say nothing, that alone should speak for me…’’