2023 ELECTIONS: While Choosing Your Presidential Candidate, Remember


While choosing your presidential candidate, remember:

1. Lekki toll gate massacre

2. Dollar rate to Naira today!

3. Sponsors of Bandits

4. Negotiators with bandits/herdsmen

5. The raid on judges

6. The killings going on in the North East

7. The killings in the Niger Delta

9. The cost of Diesel, petrol and kerosine

11. Nigeria is still in darkness no light! National grid is dead!

12. Traveling by road, rail, flight is at your own risk

13. End SARS and wicked government officials who concealed Nigerians’ food in warehouses because of elections

14. All their fake promises

15. Nigeria is the world poverty capital even though we are the 7th oil producing nation in the world

16. Your heroes are in detensions simply because they demanded justice and equity

19. As developed as France is, a 39year old youths took over power and is re elected President!

20. The schools our children are attending have no roofs and is always flooded when it rains

21. The present RULERS have no ideas on how to govern or move the country forward

22. We were once united, irrespective of religion or ethnic background until we made the greatest mistake of our lives in 2015

23. the N5000, N10,000 you take to vote a thief will hunt your generation

24. Millions are looking for food to eat

25. Remember ASUU is still on strike, politicians children are schooling abroad

26. Some politicians take governance as their family business, say no to such people.

27. Use your brain, don’t let any man control your destiny. We are all equal before God.

28. Politicians that became rich overnight stole our common wealth. They killed, destroyed and maimed to attain that position. They are not fit to be there. They are evil with blood stains on their hands. God’s judgement is waiting for them.

It is not about party but the individual that God has brought to effect the true change we all desire. Don’t be deceived by party politics, we must take back our country. Be wise.

He who has ears, let him hear.

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