Unknown Gunmen Beheads Governor Hope Uzodinma Security Commander, Chief Samco 

Unknown Gunmen Beheads Governor Hope Uzodinma Security Commander, Chief Samco 

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GOVERNOR Hope Uzodinma’s Security Commander, Chief Samco in Imo State who is also a community leader an alleged informant to the police and the DSS have been beheaded by men suspected to be IPOB members.

He was intercepted by a group identified as UGM very close to Douglas House Owerri (Govt House). The group drove him to his community market Orie Okporo and beheaded him there and made away with his body having hoisted his head like a trophy on a locally made wooden table.

He was said to have led many youths in Imo State to their early graves at the hands of the DSS and the State Governor hence the action against him.

It was reveal that the group have given the political class and traditional rulers in Imo State and all the  SE/SS States at large to come down from their high horses and dialogue with the Youths and provide them with their demands or risk being driven out of the Eastern Region completely or killed as their hunting is about to commence.

The beheading happened white IPOB are even boosting that they are now in control of the South East States base on the compliance with their sit-at-home order yesterday.

An eyewitness told our correspondent thus: “Removing a living human being head like an animal is not accepted at all. Is this how to fight for ur right, So so sad?
“What is our nation turning into for God sake that killing a follow human being is now as if one is killing an animal. Oh God have mercy?
One of Governor Uzodinma’s aide who’s shy of print denied that Chief Samco who was beheaded is Governor Uzodinma’s Security Commander.
“The man is a member of the local vigilante group.
“They assumed he give information to police and dss
“The ESN guys they are rampant in that locality.
“He has nothing to do with the governor”, he said.

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