Kano’s Sabo Geri Market Razed By Fire

Kano’s Sabo Geri Market Razed By Fire

Information available to FREEPREES indicates that hell may have let loose. This is according to the latest information indicating that the largest market in Kano State [Sabon Gari Market] was set on fire by unknown persons in the early morning hours of Friday. The was set between 12midnight and 2am.
According to eyewitness account, the fire was targeted at the section of the market where used cloths and furniture materials are sold. The area of the market is reported to be dominated by Igbo merchants.

An approximated number of shops destroyed by the fire was pegged at 65. As at 5am Friday morning, the fire was extinguished by fire fighters who were already stationed near the market.
The market is reported to have security guards guarding ll the entrances of the Market. The night time is said to have guards who secure all the perimeters of the markets.

The fire brigade is also located within the vicinity of the market. It is unsure how the assailants got access to the market to set the fire. It is also unsure if the set was set deliberately.

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