Group Tackles President Buhari Over Open Grazing, Fulanisation Policies

Group Tackles President Buhari Over Open Grazing, Fulanisation Policies

Press Release

We Say No To President Muhammadu Buhari’s Fulanisation Policies In Nigeria

Absolutely concerned about the State of The Nation, we the New Nigerian Initiative (NNI); did a surgical deliberative analysis on some critical issues, and resolved as follows:

1).      Because, charity begins at home, the aborted plan to install a ‘Sultan’, in Edo State, must never be allowed to repeat itself again. The only recognized highest traditional title in Edo State is that of the Oba of Benin. The fact of the matter is that, the Fulanis came to test the waters in Edo State. This is calling on our    people to be vigilant, never to attempt to sell their traditional right for monetary consideration.

2).      Given the fact that the New Nigeria Initiative (NNI) submitted a bill on the ban of Open Grazing, to the Edo State House of Assembly, several months ago, and nothing is being heard above it, even, after the celebrated position of the   Southern Governors on the matter, shows that the Edo State House of Assembly is in deep slumber. This set of Legislators should please wake up to their responsibilities.

3).      The Grazing Routes being resustitated from the colonial times by the Muhammadu Buhari’s government shows that, this regime is paranoid, vindictive, missionless and conspiracy addled, by clinging desperately to the    doctrine of fulanisation of Nigeria. We see selfishness instead of statesmanship coming from President Buhari.This unpopular policy is unacceptable to us, it is a mechanism perpetuating the greatest assault against systemic decency and fairness, therefore, we demand its suspension in the interest of Nigeriaism.

4).      The policy of amnesty for Boko Haram terrorists, who had inflicted unspeakable and unimaginable calamities on our people, is an insult to our sensibilities as  Nigerians. These are frightening picture, and signs of desperation of a    totalitarian regime, that is poised to impose fulani hugemony on other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. This is a potential political tinder box, it redicules reason, and shocking to conscience. As Nigerians we must resist this affront with everything we have, to nip in the bud, the deranged policy of treating a ruthless class of butchers with kid-gloves.

5).      The much talked about Petroleum Industry Bill had been passed into law, with the people in the Host Communities betrayed by the Nigerian Senate. More worrisome is the terrible role played by our Southern Senators in this most  heinous conspiracy. The Niger Delta Senators and other Federal Executive Council members ate their pie at the expense of the people.

As a people from this region, we must ensure that this mindless and conscienceless group of Senators, never return to the Senate, come 2023 general elections.

For and on behalf of NNI



Uwadiae Odigie



Comrade Igbotako Nowinta


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